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What is LCC Coin Plan (Lite Coin Classic) ?

Lite Coin Classic ( LCC Coin ) is a new Cryptocurrency, a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. LCC Coin launched on 9th September 2017 with the price of Rs.1 which is too low and right time to buy LCC Coin.

LCC Coin Plan is designed for those who missed buying ATC Coin of price of each @ Rs. 1 ( in starting ); and present price of the one ATC Coin is more than Rs. 50/- (within 3-4 months time).

The estimated price LCC Coin, as per current scenario may hit Rs.50/- in next 1-3 years ( it is just assumption not guaranteed ). So can buy LCC Coin before 25-Sep-2017 @ Rs.1/- because after that price may increase.

LCC Coin Plan recently launched worldwide in MLM with the name of founded by Mr. Manish Kasana in the comparison of ATC Coin Plan.

What is ? is the MLM Platform, where we can build our network and earn ROI or incentive through LCC Coin plan. offers the same range of options to earn money just like ( for ATC Coin Plan ).

However, in ( for LCC Plan ) you get more income as compared to ATC Coin Platform. ( Offers 14% monthly return that you get on weekly basis @ 3.5%, whereas with ATC Coin you get 10% monthly return).

About Mr. Manish Kasana : He is one of the fast growing businessman involved with Real Estate Sector, running Mobile Accessories Brand called “Protector” and also previously started ROI based MLM Plan in the name of “Protector Web” and successfully running projects.

For Joining LCC Coin Plan

Click-Here-To-Join-LCC-Coin-PlanSponsor ID / Referral ID : www8128(Nipam Patel)

For Registration : Click Here

Vivek : +91- 9737371369

Nipam – +91- 9081811369

LCC Coin Business Plan (Lite Coin Classic)

LCC Coin Plan offers Amazing Business Opportunity in the Crypto-Currency World with their simple Refer and Earn Program. When you sponsor someone to purchase LCC Coin and the referral process continues you will earn as per the following mentioned below.

LCC Plan offers 6 (six) Types of Incomes

1) Direct Level/Referral Income (10%) : This income will be directly received by the sponsor at level First (10%). When any person directly sponsored by you in this Business, will be at your First Level

2) Level Income :

1 10.00%
2-3 3.00%
4-8 2.00%
9-12 1.50%
13-15 1.00%
16-25 0.20%
26-50 0.10%
51-100 0.05%
3) Direct Growth Income- ROI (14%)

4) Growth Level Income:

Suppose members direct growth income is 10% of 5000 i.e. 500.Now Growth Level Income will distribute against Direct Growth income means 500 will distribute up to 100 levels according to below mention figures.

1 5.00%
2 4.00%
3 3.00%
4 2.00%
5-15 1.00%
16-25 0.20%
26-50 0.10%
51-100 0.05%
5) Auto Pool
1 2 50 100
2 4 50 200
3 8 50 400
4 16 50 800
5 32 100 3200
6 64 100 6400
7 128 100 12800
8 256 200 51200
9 512 200 102400
10 1024 200 204800
*** Grand Total 382300
6) Royalty & Reward : Monthly rewards will be announced time to time but below the Royalty Benefit chart : –
7 6%
9 5%
11 4%
13 3% Royalty + Toyota Fortuner
14 2% Royalty + Mercedes
15 1% Royalty + Jaguar Car

Why Choose LCC Coin Plan?

It’s a staring stage of LCC Coin and everybody can buy this. There are limited numbers of LCC Coins in the market and when people will purchase it, the value of coin will increase. When you refer the coin to other people, then more coin will be used by the people and price of Coin will increase.

When ATC Coin started, I bought at Rs.1 but today it’s too costly to buy.

How to Join LCC Coin Plan?

After seeing such huge profits, if you are willing to buy some LCC and make some money then just follow the below-given steps:

1. For Joining, First of all Visit :

2. Type Sponsor ID : www8128 (Nipam Patel) | Type Full Name (as per ID proof) | Type Valid E-Mail ID & Mobile Number | Type Address | Select State, City & Pin Code | Chose Login ID (as per your choice) |Type Password (Confidential) | Click on Accept Terms and Conditions | Click on Submit button.

3. Done, you have successfully registered and now you can login using your user name and password.

4. Now, you can buy LCC Coin using fund deposit in Bank Account for those who want to buy using INR but also Bitcoin address for those who are out of India they can deposit fund in bitcoin address and top up there ID any time.

Bank Account Details
Bank Name – Syndicate bank
Account Holder – Protector
Account Number – 93141010000989
IFSC Code – SYNB0009314
Branch Name – Vashundra

Bitcoin Details
A/C Type –
Address –

(NOTE : Please don’t make any Payment in Company Account)

5. After making payment, “Upload Transaction Details” on the login portal and fill the following details correctly : –

  • Amount Deposited :
  • Payment Mode : (Cash / Cheque / DD / NEFT / RTGS / BTC)
  • Date of Deposit :
  • Cheque / DD / NEFT / RTGS No. :
  • Deposit / Transfer From :
  • Deposit / Transfer To :
  • Deposit / Transfer Account Holder :
  • Type Remarks : (Optional)
  • Click on Save Request Button

6. Now, your deposit will be verified by Amin and then status will get updated from Pending to Approved and fund will be sent to your Wallet.

7. Once deposit is approved by Admin, click on Wallet > Activation by Wallet (where you the fund ) now type the ID you want to activate | click on Show button to verify name and sponsor name | Click on Get OPT and Enter OPT (shown there or received on registered Mobile Number) | then finally click on Activate Now.

8. Done, you have successfully purchased LCC Coin and your ID is activated.

For any support or query, you can contact me at +91-9737371969

Contact Details of LCC Coin Plan

Address : B 342 Pacific Business Park Sahibabad Industrial Area, Near Kaushambi Metro Station, U.P 201010
Telephones : 0120-4555443
E-mail :

LCC Coin Plan Review

LCC Coin is newly launched Crypto-Currency and have some potential to grow but be aware that Crypto-Currency rate are not fixed, price could go Up and Down within few minute.

This is just starting stage of LCC Coin; hence according to me, if LCC Coin purchased in starting then there is chances of increase in price in future. You can start buying with small amount like Rs.5,000/-

Please do not investment much amount you can not afford to loose with LCC Coin Plan. Never invest more money in the greed of earning more money.

Please join at your own risk only, that you may lose out on your Investment.

If you have any question / query, then don’t forget to Comment Below or call me on +91-9737371969

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